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Commercial Office Fit out & Retail Renovation Contractor

As the leading interior fit-out specialist and retail renovation contractor in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Malaysia—Legend Interiors has been in the business ever since 1988 and has consistently put out excellent results. Legend Interiors provides turnkey services from feasibility studies, cost estimation, design management, construction, maintenance, and even after-sales support!

Believing that everyone should have a shot at creating an identity for their brand through their design, Legend Interiors tailors each of its services based on you and your brand’s needs. The long-term partnerships made through decades of impeccable service and quality of work have grown exponentially and are only rising until this day, especially with our commercial office fit out services.

Our interior fit out specialists are currently in offices located in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Macau, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok—serving the global market and building up a wide international portfolio.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Exquisite workmanship recognised by top brands

Acknowledged by the best of the best if all you need is a high-quality interior fit-out for your workplace—Legend Interior will always perform above your expectations.

With a trained team of over 300 experienced employees meticulously studying and optimizing the provided design concept and schematic, a professional construction blueprint will be out in a matter of days!

Finding an interior fit-out contractor that understands what you need and communicates with you during the entire process should be the bare minimum, and that’s what Legend Interior provides you during your projects. Get a commercial fit-out renovation contractor and give your brand the identity that will allow you to outshine your competition—Start your project with Legend Interior today!

Wide Network of Partners and Vendors

Our artisans have been in the field for years and can pinpoint potential problems early on and provide solutions that won’t get in the way of the original design. Mitigating issues doesn’t have to compromise your intended configuration. Our designers and draftsmen can find workable and economical solutions, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank and ending up with an unwanted arrangement. This is only possible through our wide network of partners and vendors

Creating Exquisite Masterpiece for our clients

As a trusted interior contractor that has been in the business for years, we want to make sure that we make your experience with us feel like a pleasant journey. Our design standards are impeccable, having collaborated and worked with well-known designers, brands, architects, and international developers. We want to go above and beyond with each project that we do!

As excellent interior fit-out specialists, we want all our clients to excel in the modern market and be capable of duking out with brand giants in their industry. We capture the essence of each one of the brands that come to us for an interior store fit-out and elevate it so you can stand out from your competitors. Creating tangible masterpieces by fully immersing ourselves in the design process along with our customers, we build the framework for the interior of your dreams.


Best Retail Renovation Contractor | Interior Fit Out in Singapore

Why are we one of the best?

Leading the charge as Singapore’s best interior contractor on the market, we at Legend Interiors have an extensive portfolio of satisfied business owners and brands that has elevated the look of their workplaces and companies through us. We're unmatched when it comes to getting an interior store fit-out for your business!
Our expertise hasn’t gone unnoticed. With years of experience on our belt, our growth and success are largely attributed to our employees' commitment and hard work, the management team, and the support of our partners. Through the years we’ve garnered accreditations such as an award for the best interior fit-out specialists in the Asia Pacific back in 2016, ISO 14001:2004 certification, and ISO 9001:2008 certification, which all prove our notability in our craft.


Here’s a scenario: There’s an upcoming flagship project, a benchmark for the region with multiple stakeholders and a lot on the line. Fit-out/ design and build projects can incur large investments as well as a potentially long construction period. Even in the case of a smaller scale project, there are multiple concerns in terms of budgets, condensed timelines and details that could go haywire. You’re looking to ensure your investment pays off and also potentially finding a long-term partner you could go into future collaborations with.


Regardless of the scope, size, and cost of a project—Legend Interiors values the quality of our work and always ensures that the project is done to the client’s liking. As the most trustworthy renovation contractor in Singapore, Legend Interiors goes above and beyond even for the humblest retail fit-out project!
Masterfully planning out and enacting the project and adjusting where optimizations are needed, the leading commercial office renovation contractor in Singapore promotes the active involvement of the clients in every decision and compromise during the construction.
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