About Us

Legend Interiors is the leading interior fit-out specialist and renovation contractor in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, and more regions. Headquartered in Hong Kong and established since 1988, our clients comprise of the world’s most renowned brands. We provide turnkey services ranging from the initial feasibility studies, cost estimation, design to management, construction and maintenance. Believing that luxury is about personalisation and experiences, our services are bespoke and tailored to each client and we work towards building long-term relationships through impeccable quality and an innate understanding of practical applications. With a growing coterie of clients, our network of specialists are in offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Macau, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok servicing the global arena and acquiring an international portfolio.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Exquisite workmanship that’s recognised by top brands

It all comes down to quality – A single word but with multiple facets to its implications. From the onset of receiving the design concept and schematic drawings, our trained teams of over 300 employees begin a well-oiled process of setting the foundation right by understanding the design intent, budget constraints, and overall experience of the spaces to create professional construction drawings. With a wealth of experience in interior fit-out, our teams of designers, project managers and quantity surveyors set off by visualising the final perspective – the end-result, and work towards ensuring how the individual elements achieve the overall objectives.

Change agents assigned to pre-empt any potential uncertainties

As skilled craftsmen, our designers and draftsmen are intuitively able to pin point a potential issue early in the onset and to recommend a practical alternative solution that does not compromise the design intent – many times pleasantly surprising the client with a workable solution that’s economical. This is possible through our network of partners and vendors, built on relationships and a common understanding that only comes from years of successful collaborations.

We speak the language of design to create tangible masterpieces

As your trusted interior contractor, we orchestrate interior experiences. Having worked with renowned architects, designers, brand owners and international developers, we are cognizant of the impeccable design standards the physical spaces and products have to live up to.

In order for our clients to excel in today’s market and to compete with the digital platform, quality needs to be translated to creating immersive experiences for the end customer. As interior fabricators, we build the framework with the ultimate experience in mind and with the inside knowledge of the industry, so that each brand is able to captivate each visitor, elevate the brand and distinctly set it apart it from its competitor.