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Here at Legend Interiors, our range of commercial – be it office, hotel, or retail – fit-out services are turnkey. We are here to ensure ease when creating a commercial office fit out for your business.
We are proud to say that our success lies in our seamless supply chain, pool of capable resources and a large network of trusted partners. With our expert team and years of experience, we can deliver every project with the utmost efficiency and result.

Are you ready to see your high-quality and luxurious fit-out services? Here are some of our clients.


Whether you are looking to upgrade a commercial space or your home, our retail fit-out contractor will be able to guide you along the process of selecting the right fit-out service for you. With years of experience and several accreditations, we are committed to providing the best solution available.

Preconstruction & Tender Documentation

The tendering and contractor selection process is part of any retail fit-out contractor services. More than just commercial office fit out services, Legends Interior is also here to ensure all elements in the pre-construction phase are delivered.

Our team is here to offer support in the process of selecting the right fit-out service for you. We will guide you from design development, contract creation, cost, and detail assessment to tender documentation. Usually if there are any amendments in the tender documentation it will result in an extension of the tender period.


We adhere to the appropriate bidding and negotiation process to ensure our clients get their money’s worth. We work with the client to bid out the project to one or more contractors. The contractor will ask for bids from his subcontractors and put together a total cost for the project.

With Legends Interior, expect tailor-fit solutions to clients with high-quality commercial fit-out at the best price. Our reliable and trustworthy team is here to provide all the available options for your interior fit out needs.


The key to a great fit out design is in the early stages, including site investigation. Our experts will thoroughly identify both the potential and challenges of your space to provide the best fit out solution.

We will have a thorough ocular inspection to ensure that Legends Interior provides the hotel fit-out, office fit-out, or retail fit out solution to your business needs.


Our commercial fit out solutions are tailored-fit to every space. After thorough ocular inspection, our design and interior fit out specialists will start with their sketches. We will continue to revise the design to your interior fit out requirements during this stage. 

Once you’re happy and satisfied with the sketches, we will render them by creating 3D visuals of your space and see your design slowly come to life!

Fabrication & Procurement

We have a reliable supply chain and network of partners that help in the procurement of custom furniture and millwork of high-quality commercial fit out for various commercial spaces.

 Working with our partners for years ensures that we provide the best price to our clients with high-quality fit outs from the closest source.

Commercial Fit-Out Service Process & Delivery

You don’t have to stress about finding your office fit-out contractors; leave that to our dedicated project manager! Ensuring efficient and frequent communication during the design and construction is crucial to a successful project.

We control and coordinate all aspects of the design and construction process. To make the project as seamless as possible, we reduce delays by assigning different fit out contractors for each step!

Site Acceptance and Hand Over

Only upon completing all the checkpoints in each of the above phases will we proceed to seek client sign off.

Construction Service Support

Our goal is to provide you with the best experience while working with Legend Interiors. With experienced workplace consultancy that can properly analyse and provide an optimization plan for future work productivity, you can remove all the hindrances that once stunted your company’s growth!

Our job isn’t over when the project is finished. Our after-sales support is impeccable, and we ensure that you’re fully satisfied before we move on to the next set of customers.


Enabling productivity and creating a workplace environment that is enticing to venture into is a goal that all brands must strive to achieve if they want to make it big. Success is made up of many factors, and one of them is having a workplace that attracts customers and feels comfortable for your workers.

Standing out is key to surpassing your competition and getting a professional fit-out is one of the many tools you can opt into to gain leverage over your peers. Reach new heights, get a retail fit-out and commercial office fit-out today!



There are several aspects to consider prior to carrying out the office fit-out plan you have in mind. We have compiled several factors for you to take note of before beginning the build of your office or retail fit-out.


When preparing the project brief, make a list of the scope of works required for the project, including the potential optional add-ons. Ultimately, you will benefit from appointing a retail fit-out contractor that can undertake the full scope of works under their wing, resulting in more cost and time savings. Check how much of the work is outsourced and how much is within their core capabilities. If it is a design and build office fit-out project, find out who are their design partners are and what their core competencies and collaboration histories are. Would the interior office fit-out partner be able to manage your expectations and flow them down to the respective partners while maintaining your objectives? How will they assure you of this? If there needs to be a value engineering exercise, assess if they are well versed in the options available to provide knowledgeable, calculated solutions.


When it comes to appointing a retail interior fit-out contractor partner, it’s no secret that it will be a combination of competitive pricing and a good track record with an assurance of quality craftsmanship. Hence, it is important to look into the added value each can bring. Are they showing initiative and willingness to provide solutions even before being awarded a project? This can be an indicator of the potential collaborative nature of your working relationship with them. Are they able to negotiate better rates for materials, consultant services e.g. Professional Architects or MEP on your behalf? By listing the top foreseen challenges of the project, it would be easier to prioritise and rank your options for the right retail fit-out contractor, effectively reducing your risk and maximising the value obtained.


During the initial tender and proposal stages, it is important to understand what will be the commitment of the team that will be assigned to your project. Request for a detailed organisation chart as well as the structure of the team that will be assigned to your project. It would also be important to understand how much commitment you’d be getting from each member of the team. You would not want a large-scale project such as a full hotel fit-out to be delegated to a junior executive with little related experience.


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