The Upper House Hotel, Hong Kong

Today, The Upper House is known as an award-winning luxury boutique hotel with an iconic design signature, most recently bagging the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List 2016 award. From the onset, Legend Interiors was attuned to the task of creating an icon for Swire Hotels when being entrusted with bringing to life the design vision of renowned designer Andre Fu. His meticulous eye for detail required the execution of interiors to be precise, balanced and entrancingly fluid in the unveiling of the brand story. Flowing closely with the design philosophy of an upward journey above the buzzing cityscape, the use of clever reveals of the spaces, natural materials and ambient lighting required an accuracy of detail and quality of finishing that was aesthetically captivating as much as fundamentally practical.

The Upper House hotel sets a benchmark in hospitality for good design that is executed well. The hotel continues to draw new awards and accolades to this day for excellence in the quality of its finishing, contributing to its win across top hotel awards in China and on an international scale.


Hong Kong


2006 & 2009

Scope Of Work  

Interior fit-out
Mechanical & Engineering
Additions & Alterations

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